Advertising agency and graphic design studio

Welcome to 321CreativePeople! We are an advertising agency and graphic design studio located in Czech Republic. We carry on with the role our country played throughout the history - we are building a bridge between the West and the East. Either you want to explore and expand to Eastern markets, or you want to prove the Western customers there's no reason to avoid your products - we will help you achieve your goals.

Our specialty is a full-service approach which provides a complete presentation of your company - from logos, catalogs, websites, language versions, to SEO optimization and strategy for social networks and their management.


Our system of team communication and original methods of project management means one important thing - we are able to manage both simple and complex projects in top quality.

Thoroughgoing approach and testing is crucial to achieve the highest quality of our work to your complete satisfaction.

For more details about our services, visit us here or you can ask any question in the contact form.