Design manual

Design manual

Design manual is the first and most important step in building your company's Corporate Identity.

Right use of your logo and visual style is very important in order to create a professional image and it can guarantee consistent presentation in all possible fields of business. These two aspects will make your company presentation more complex, stable and confident.

Design manual or Graphic standards manual will help you to maintain the right use of your corporate identity in any occasion.

- design of company prints, business cards / stationery / envelopes
- description of the right use of company prints graphics
- description of e-mail messages
- building identification and orientation system
- design of company car
- name label and employee cards
- minor promo items (pens, etc.)
- design of stickers
- cover for CD-ROM

Logo manual

Logo manual defines basic logo variations, colors, font and all possibilities of the right use. It can also serve as a set of instructions for a third party advertisement companies to ensure consistent use of your logo and corporate identity.

Keep your brand consistent and visible

- introduction
- right use of logo
- logo, symbol, company colors and fonts description
- shape variations of the logo
- definition of secondary colors (CMYK, Pantone, RGB)
- rules for right claim application
- rules for right use of the logo color variations
- minimal logo safe zone
- minimal logo sizes and "don't do" examples
- codification of logo shape and ratio
- definition of company fonts