Zetor Crystal

April 2016


January 2016

321 Creative People

Graphic studio

Graphic studio 321 Creative People is a member of the Czech Union of Graphic Design. This professional association aims to raise awareness, to professionalize the market in commercial graphics and promote graphic design as an important part of our lives.

Web development

Our specialty is the creation of commercial internet projects. We design, program, and optimize business websites, product websites, e-shops and web portals with simple content management using a custom made content management system.

Video Marketing

Use a professional video marketing ceases to be a matter of large companies with income in the millions of dollars. A competitive environment pushes prices of video animations making, promotional videos, 3D design, etc.. Inexorably down to maintaining the focus on high-quality processing.

Internet marketing

We have extensive experience with internet marketing for Czech as well as foreign language versions. As of today, we optimize over 70 websites for search engines, etc.